List of documents to be submitted
All documents, except for official documents issued in Vietnamese (e.g., ERC), should be prepared in English.

Please note

• The application form must be completed with accurate information. If any content is found to be false, the selection will be canceled, and the prize must be returned.

• Submitted documents will not be returned. Applicants may not modify submitted content but may resubmit the application within the application period.

• Additional documents to verify the application content may be requested during the screening process.


  • Application form*
    Available on website
  • Investor Relations(IR) Deck*
    Must be submitted in PDF format
  • IR Video*
    Must be submitted in MP4 format
  • List of Shareholders*
    • Include the names of institutional investors, even if they are not equity shareholders, such as in the case of Convertible Notes/Loans.
    • If you do not have the required documents, you may use the attached templates.
    • The required file format is PDF.
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)*
    (Giấy chứng nhận đăng ký doanh nghiệp)

    For organizations registered as cooperatives instead of corporations, please submit the Cooperative Registration Certificate in place of the Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC).
  • 2023 Financial Status*
    2024 (Estimated)Financial Status*

    • Provide 2023 financial statements and 2024 (estimated) financial statements.
    • If the company was established after 2023, submit only the (estimated) 2024 financial status.
    • If audited financial statements are not available, use the attached form to submit at least the required fields.
    • The required file format is PDF.

If the Vietnamese entity is a subsidiary of a parent/holding company in Singapore, please provide the following documents to confirm legal registration.


IR Deck Guideline

IR Deck Guide

  • Please refer to the attached IR Deck Guide, which outlines the required contents for the IR Deck.
  • There are no restrictions on the order or method of presentation.
  • The IR Deck must be written in English.
  • Maximum number of slides: 20
  • File size limit: 15MB
  • Required file format: PDF
IR Video Guideline
  • Please submit a summary presentation within 3 minutes based on the IR DECK.
    • Required:
      • The company’s representatives must appear in the video(face, voice) to present the business.
      • The representative must meet one of the following conditions:
        1.The company’s legal representative
        2.The CEO of the company
        3.The co-founder of the company
      • The presentation must be in English.
      • Advertisement videos promoting a company’s products or services are not allowed. Videos should be created solely for this competition.
    • Maximum file size: 500MB
    • Required file format: MP4
    • Here are some examples of how to create an IR Video that meets our guideline:
      (TIPS: Having a representative pitch with presentation materials helps us evaluate and understand yourbusiness better.)

Template: List of Shareholders / Financial Status

List of shareholders Sample

Financial Status Sample