Followed by the Vietnam competition, The ‘IMPACT CHALLENGE AT SEA (ICAS)’, a competition to discover promising impact startups in Southeast Asia was held in Cambodia.


Youth Co:Lab was co-created by the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) and the Citi Foundation in 2017 to support young entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region to achieve the SDGs through leadership, social innovation and entrepreneurship. It is operated in a total of 28 countries and their main programs include operating regional platform for social entrepreneurs(Summit), operating panel discussion on 4 major themes(National Dialogue), operating incubating program for young SDG entrepreneurs (Springboard), and operating volunteering program (Movers).


TOP3 selected through
online IR pitching

TOP10 selected through
UNDP Youth CO:Lab nominations

The selection for ICAS in Cambodia was conducted in collaboration with UNDP Youth CO:Lab. The TOP10 were selected through UNDP Youth CO:Lab nominations, and the final TOP3 were selected through online IR pitching.

Introduction of
2022 ICAS TOP 1~10 Companies





Green & Digital


TOP 4~10

Green Digital

Recruitment platform with automation and analytics tech

Green Digital

Supply crickets to produce sustainable food for the future

Green Digital

Food waste treatment using earthworms and invest in innovating farming

Green Digital

Platform that connects professional architects, workers, and building material sellers with consumers

Green Digital

Environmental related content social media platform

Green Digital

Compost City
Supply household food waste composting kits and provide environmental workshop

Green Digital

Ruy Reach
Food waste treatment and upcycle of by-products of black soldier fly


Green Digital

PillTech is the first online B2B pharma marketplace in Cambodia. PillTech established an integrated online drug sales platform to solve the inefficient and unreliable drug distribution structure locally and provides a POS system for digital transformation of small pharmacies.

    • By providing accurate information about medicines to consumers, PillTech can prevent the misuse and abuse of medicines and side effects.
    • PillTech helps to ensure efficient operation by introducing a POS system to small pharmacies that can manage financial, stock and information needed which can prevent discarding medicines due to lack of management.
Green Digital

SUDrain uses coconut filters to provide an eco-friendly, easy-to-use, energy-free wastewater treatment system that extends the life of water and improves the quality of lives in villages.

    • SUDrain contributes to solving environmental problems facing the developing countries by providing an eco-friendly wastewater treatment solution that can be easily applied anywhere using a 100% biodegradable coconut filter with energy saving effect.
Green Digital

Sala aims to solve the problem of low college entrance rate due to low access to information about college/university by giving access to students on application information and provides a platform that allows teachers and students to easily manage learning data.

  • Sala contributes to providing easy access online with information about college, major and curriculum to students to solve the problem of low college entrance rate in Cambodia.
  • By providing an online learning management tool, Sala can provide real-time exchange of information on assignments and academic achievements of students which can contribute to improving learning ability and, in the long term, contribute to the employment of Cambodian youth.