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  • Is it necessary to be established as a Vietnamese corporation?
  • Yes. Since this competition aims to actually invest in outstanding start-ups, only teams that are registered as a Vietnamese corporation are eligible to apply.

  • Is it necessary to be established as a Singaporean corporation?
  • It is not mandatory, however, when the team is selected as the final investee and is under investment screening, establishing a Singaporean corporation would be necessary to attract global investment.

  • Is it possible to apply if a representative of the team is not a Vietnamese national but the team members are?
  • For this competition, only teams with Vietnamese-national representatives are eligible to apply. However, in this context, the term "representative" can encompass the following aspects, which can all be included:
    - The representative listed in the ERC
    - The CEO of the company
    - The co-founder(s) of the company

  • Is it possible for start-ups that are not engaged with the proposed themes (green, digital) to participate?
  • For this competition, only teams in the fields of Green and Digital will be selected. However, the applicants who applied to this competition regardless of the fields will also be reviewed and have a chance to receive a prize and investment, separately from this competition. We interpret the field of green and digital in a broad sense and believe that the potential of various types of innovative ideas can be blended with green and digital.

  • Which types of administrative management should be undertaken in regards to the prize money?
  • All teams will have the opportunity to participate in the online IMP (impact measurement) course and are required to finish the course to receive the prize money.

    The prize money for teams ranked TOP3~20 is a simple prize money, and therefore your team only needs to submit a brief document upon request.

    For the TOP2 and TOP1, there are extra benefits to participate in the online accelerating course and online mentoring with the organizer. Regarding the documents required to TOP2 and TOP1, plan for usage of prize money and related documents will be required. (The detailed guidelines will be announced.)

    In addition, the company selected as investee will be requested to administer a more detailed business plan and implementation along with the settlement of prize money expenditures.

  • How do a team know if the theme of its business is eligible to participate?
  • Please refer to the [Theme] menu of the website to find business examples in each theme.

  • Can teams apply regardless of the number of team members?
  • Teams can apply regardless of the number of team members.

  • What is the time frame for this competition?
  • If your team is selected as Top 11~20: Prize money will be given and the challenge ends.

    If your team is selected as Top 10: You must participate in the IR Pitching Competition in Ho Chi Minh City on August 17 2023. (Challenge ends for the teams that did not advance to Top 2 and TOP1 on the day of the competition after finishing the online impact measurement course.)

    If your team is selected as Top 2 and TOP1 : The 2 teams will operate the business using the prize money given, from August 2022 to October 2022, and they will be given the opportunity to participate in an online accelerating course, and mentoring. The total prize money will be distributed twice. (first half, after the competition and second half, after finishing the online courses.(September and October))

    Selection of investee company: Among TOP20, investee company could be reviewed and will be announced during November.

    *Time frame above is subject to change.

  • Can Top 1 be different from the final investee?
  • The final investment review will be conducted for teams selected as Top20 and only one team will receive the investment. Therefore, Top1 and the final investee may be different. However, the investment may not be made if it is considered that none of the teams are suitable.

  • What should a team that established a corporation in 2023 and does not have financial statements do?
  • In the case of start-ups that do not have financial statements for 2021 and 2022, you can fill out the financial status status as ‘0’ in the financial-related sections in the application form.

  • What are the guidelines for the IR Video?
  • The IR Video needs to consist of the IR Deck and the representative(presenter) should appear (face, voice).
    Length: 3 minutes / File type: mp4
    *The overall quality of the video(audio, camera, etc.) should be clear and teams are responsible for any errors caused with the video (inaudible, file type error, etc.).
    *Please refer to Apply page for further guideline.

  • Is there an application fee?
  • There is no application fee for this competition.

  • What is the next step after submitting the application?
  • After submitting the application through this website, teams who passed the document screening will be informed via email individually.

    In case you have any other inquiry, please contact us via email.