Alterno is a climate tech company that provides eco-friendly energy storage solutions utilizing sand batteries.

Alterno enables storing electricity obtained from solar power generation in sand batteries to output and utilize it as thermal energy. By incorporating an IoT control system into the control box, individual battery systems can all be centrally controlled, and these are being applied to agricultural product drying and residential heating.

To apply the sand battery to more industries, Alterno aims to provide customized thermal energy solutions by leveraging the scalability of the Heat-as-a-Service (HaaS) subscription model.


  • Contributes to the transition from fossil fuel use to clean energy
  • Increases farmers’ income by uniformizing the quality of drying produce

Alterno is green in two ways. First, it compensates for the limitations of renewable energy, which is highly unreliable in supply, with an energy storage system (ESS) and energy supply stabilization measures. Secondly, Alterno’s sand battery drying system produces significantly less carbon and waste gas emissions than conventional systems that use fossil fuels and electricity as their primary energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, it reduces dependence on fossil fuels while maximizing the utilization of renewable energy. 

Alterno increases farmer income by reducing costs while maintaining uniform produce drying quality. Sand batteries can store up to 600 degrees of heat for months at one-twentieth the cost of lithium batteries. Alterno’s dryers provide uniform drying that is customized for each agricultural product and optimized for local conditions in Vietnam, increasing farm productivity.