Introduction of Impact Square

Impact Square is an accelerator that discovers and nurtures impact startups and also an impact investor that invests in early-stage impact startups. It has explored the connection where the social and environmental value creates the business competitiveness, and has provided solutions through various business areas.

Impact Investment

Impact Square started its main account investment in 2014 and has been making it directly in impact start-ups in the early stage. Also it has formed and operated a total of KRW 20 billion fund and has invested in 60 impact start-ups so far.


Impact Square invests in Seed – Pre-A stage impact start-ups that create clear social value and can grow and influence many people in the long term and help them grow.


Impact Square’s portfolio companies are composed of start-ups that present business solutions for various social issue areas such as waste, carbon emissions, and income inequality.

Acceleration & Business Development with Large Enterprises

As a government-registered accelerator, Impact Square has its own specialized business promotion system and contents, and it has provided consulting and accelerating programs to about 500 companies. Also it has cooperated with large enterprises in Korea and taken part in ESG strategies of them such as SK, LOTTE, CJ and Hyosung.


Impact Square is expertised in linking impact start-ups and large enterprises. It develops open innovation projects and joint businesses of impact start-ups and large enterprises or government agencies that try to lead the ESG agendas.


By connecting large enterprises and impact start-ups, for large enterprises, it provides opportunities to find suitable impact start-ups that allow them to integrate ESG factors into their management through open innovation, and for impact start-ups, to collaborate with large enterprises.

Impact Measurement·Evaluation

As the first and the oldest professional business entity to provide impact measurement services in Korean impact business ecosystem, Impact Square established IMPACTOLOGY, the Impact Research Center of Impact Square, and it has conducted various projects to measure and evaluate social value. 


Impact Square has driven the agenda in Korea by launching Korea’s first online impact measurement service, or developing standards and systems in cooperation with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to set up national basic data for social value measurement.


Also, Impact Square is the only participant in Korea in IMP’s Practitioner Community, which has established itself as a global impact reporting standard.

Infra Operation

Impact Square has been managing various infrastructures for impact ecosystem and community. It is operating co-working spaces and community shared spaces in Seoul, and also a business incubating space for local entrepreneurs.


Seoul, South Korea

  • Co-working space and community center for impact start-ups
  • Operates a showroom & cafe introducing sustainable lifestyle on the B1F~1F (regular exhibition collaboration with product-based impact start-ups)


Seoul, South Korea

  • Co-working space and community center for impact start-ups
  • Venue for large-scale events with a capacity of 100 people can be rented
  • Fully equipped studio for photo and video shooting in the office


Seoul, South Korea

  • Community center for impact start-ups
  • Composed of co-working space on the 1st floor, share house on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and meeting rooms in the basement


Yeongju, South Korea

  • Co-working space and community center for young local entrepreneurs
  • Composed of commercial space, co-working space, community space, and business residence