bTaskee is an on-demand home cleaning service platform. This platform connects cleaners and users, providing a comprehensive solution that allows users and cleaners to easily access all services such as scheduling to payment. The service range includes cleaning (air conditioner, home, furniture, office, etc.), laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and even caregiving services. bTaskee is operating in 9 regions across Vietnam.


  • Contributes to providing decent jobs to economically vulnerable cleaners through high hourly wages and flexible working hours, addressing the need for women cleaners who require a balance between childcare and their careers. 


bTaskee aims to improve the low income levels and working conditions prevalent in the domestic cleaning industry by providing cleaners with fair wages and systematic training, ensuring high service quality. In particular, for women who are often the primary income earners for their families and face difficulties finding suitable employment due to childcare or elderly care responsibilities, bTaskee creates job opportunities where they can work at their desired times and earn income accordingly, contributing to increased household income and improving quality of life. 


Below is the Impact Report (IMP Report) for bTaskee, prepared by Impact Square’s company affiliated research institute, ‘Impactology.’